The world’s music day | Thomas Enhco

Last week French pianist Thomas Enhco and his Trio – winners of the prestigious ‘Victoires du Jazz’ Award – came to Podgorica to perform a concert programme dedicated to World Music Day (June 21st).


Despite the heat on the evening and the absence of A/C in the room, the trio took to the stage in front of an captivated audience of jazz enthusiasts.

The young band consists of Thomas Enhco on the piano, Jeremy Bruyere on the double bass and Nicolas Charlier on the drums.  The group has performed around the world and have earned several accolades including the Victoires du Jazz (Winners of Jazz) award’s ‘Album of the Year’ for their 2015 release ‘Feathers’ and first prize at the ‘Jazz a Montauban’ festival’s International competition.


Enhco says: “I love to take people on a journey. When I’m onstage, I consider myself captain of the ship. The audience is my passenger and sometimes even part of the crew. But it’s me who determines the route and the destination. Sometimes I’m guided by what happens, by their emotions, the atmosphere; and we end up at a destination that’s a surprise even to me. I guide the journey, but am also a part of it; and enjoy it just as much as the other travellers. That’s how I want to feel when I perform. It doesn’t always happen, but this is my goal.” – (@copyright Elke Beekman/

The composition ‘You are just a Ghost’ from their album ‘Fireflies’ (published by Label Bleu in 2012) is a delicate and thoughtful piece with a sad and deep yet simple melody.  It triggers deep thoughts within and touches the inner strings of your soul – just listen to it and see where your mind takes you.

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Many thanks to JazzArt and JazzAssociation for organising this event and giving the chance to a Montenegrin and International audience to be guided through the journey by Thomas. 

We wish this young trio a successful future with their beautiful and inspiring sounds.

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